Comanche Nation College (CNC) was established in 2002 to address the needs of students seeking excellence in higher education, combined with the traditions and customs of the Comanche Nation and other American Indian perspectives. We offer all students—Comanche, those from other Tribal Nations, and non-Native students—exceptionally high-quality and relevant higher educational opportunities that are Comanche-centered. Within our institution, this is reflected in the display of tribal culture, language, history and the core values of Relationship, Responsibility, Reciprocity, and Redistribution. These values guide us as the members of our faculty, staff and greater college family work together to provide every CNC student with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to function successfully and productively in our multicultural society.


Currently, Comanche Nation College operates as an educational partner with other Oklahoma-based colleges and universities to provide Associate degree programs in Humanities, Natural Science and American Indian Studies. Through a growing network of partnerships with tribal, local, state and federal agencies and grant-makers, CNC offers world-class educational programming that develops the mind, body and spirit necessary for our students to go forward to serve and lead their communities.

To ensure every one of our students is provided with exceptional student-centered and welcoming learning experiences in our classrooms and beyond, we offer an array of student engagement and retention programs, social activities, and cultural opportunities. We also maintain genuinely personalized support initiatives to guarantee that CNC students feel valued, significant and empowered. Among CNC’s many attributes are: a 1-to-3 faculty-to-student ratio; one-on-one tutoring availability; Indigenous faculty; a thriving first-year student empowerment program; clear pathways to enrollment, degree-receipt and transfer; student-centered advising; and an active and enriching student government association.

Comanche Nation College is deeply committed to the overall development and empowerment of our students. We actively facilitate the cultural and social growth of our students and we encourage them to develop and maintain strong connections to their communities. We are confident that when you visit CNC, you will appreciate our open access and our culturally rich, student-centered environment—where our students are encouraged to develop and realize their educational and career goals within an inclusive atmosphere.