The mission of the Comanche Nation College Technology Department is to provide cost effective leading technology in a secure, safe, and reliable environment that fosters all users in the necessary and ethical skills to live, learn, and function in a technological society.

Internet Usage

Examples of unacceptable uses of the internet include but are not limited to :

  1. Accessing Inappropriate Materials – Accessing, submitting, posting, Publishing, forwarding, downloading, scanning or displaying materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, and/or illegal;
  2. Illegal Activity – Using CNC technology for any illegal activity or activity that violates CNC policies, procedures, and or school rules;
  3. Violating Copyrights – Copying or downloading copyrighted materials without the owner’s permission.
  4. Plagiarism – Representing as one’s own work any material obtained electronically (such as term papers, articles, etc.). When electronic sources are used in schoolwork, the author, publisher and Website must be identified.
  5. Copying Software – Copying or downloading software without the express authorization of the system administrator.
  6. Misuse of Passwords Unauthorized Access – Sharing passwords, using another users’ passwords without permission and/or accessing another user’s account.
  7. Malicious Use Vandalism – Any malicious use, disruption or harm to the school unit’s computers, networks and Internet services, including but not limited to hacking activities and creation/uploading of computer viruses.
  8. Unauthorized Access to Chat Rooms, News Groups – Accessing chat rooms or news groups without specific authorization from the system administrator.
  9. Intentional waste of limited resources – Overuse or misuse of paper, printing materials, floppy disks, electricity, memory, or storage space.
  10. By passing or attempting to bypass any Internet filter.


  1. Violations may result in loss of access.
  2. Additional disciplinary action may be determined at the Administration level in line with existing practice regarding inappropriate language or behavior.
  3. When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.
  4. The guest shall be responsible for compensating the school for any losses, costs, or damages incurred by the school related to violations of the CNC Computer and Internet Use Policy, including investigation of violations.

Internet Access

Internet access at Comanche Nation College is controlled through individual accounts and passwords. Department managers are responsible for defining appropriate Internet access levels for the people in their department and conveying that information to the network administrator. Each user of the Comanche Nation College system is required to read this Internet policy and sign an Internet use agreement prior to receiving an Internet access account and password.

Appropriate Use

Individuals at Comanche Nation College are encouraged to use the Internet to further the goals and objectives of Comanche Nation College. The types of activities that are encouraged include:

  1. Communicating with fellow employees, business partners of Comanche Nation College, and clients within the context of an individual’s assigned responsibilities;
  2. Acquiring or sharing information necessary or related to the performance of an individual’s assigned responsibilities; and
  3. Participating in educational or professional development activities.


For security purposes, users may not share account or password information with another person. Internet accounts are to be used only by the assigned user of the account for authorized purposes. Attempting to obtain another user’s account password is strictly prohibited. A user must contact the help desk or IT administrator to obtain a password reset if they have reason to believe that any unauthorized person has learned their password. Users must take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access to Internet services.

Failure to Comply

Violations of this policy will be treated like other allegations of wrongdoing at Comanche Nation College. Allegations of misconduct will be adjudicated according to established procedures. Sanctions for inappropriate use of the Internet may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:

  1. Temporary or permanent revocation of access to some or all computing and networking resources and facilities;
  2. Disciplinary action according to applicable Comanche Nation College policies; and/or
  3. Legal action according to applicable laws and contractual agreements.

Monitoring and Filtering Disclaimer

Comanche Nation College may monitor any Internet activity occurring on Comanche Nation College equipment or accounts Comanche Nation College currently does employ filtering software (Barracuda) to limit access to sites on the Internet. If Comanche Nation College discovers activities which do not comply with applicable law or departmental policy, records retrieved may be used to document the wrongful content in accordance with due process.

Comanche Nation College assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from the user’s connection to the Internet. Comanche Nation College is not responsible for the accuracy of information found on the Internet and only facilitates the accessing and dissemination of information through its systems. Users are solely responsible for any material that they access and disseminate through the Internet.

Internet User access is a responsibility. Any questions should be directed to the Information Technology Department.

Password Procedure

  1. Password construction, lifecycle and re-use parameters will be variable according to the classification of the system or data that they are intended to protect.
  2. Passwords should not be based on well-known or easily accessible information, including personal information, nor should they be words commonly found within a standard dictionary.
  3. Users will be notified one week in advance of password expiration. At that point, and at every subsequent login until a change is made, users will be prompted to select a new password.
  4. Comanche Nation College will use technical measures to ensure that users conform to the policy.

Passwords used to access data must be a minimum of ten (6) characters in length. Further, these passwords must use at least one character of the four character types, those being lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters.

Password Lifecycle Guidelines

Passwords used to access data or the systems that host this data will have a maximum age of one (1) month and a minimum age of one (1) month. As such, passwords must be changed every month and cannot be changed more frequently. Where the application or system can only be specified to change on the basis of a variable number of days, maximum and minimum age will be set at thirty (30) days.

Password Reuse Guidelines

Passwords used to access data or the systems that host this data may never be reused once they have expired. As such a completely new password is required at each expiry. “Completely new” is defined as having at least fifty percent (50%) of the characters different from the previous password.

ID Cards

Comanche Nation College students, faculty and staff shall have an identification card which to be obtained through the admission process. The I.D. cards are required for identification of students enrolled at the Comanche Nation College.

Use of the Comanche Nation College card may be revoked at the College’s sole discretion for violation of the College’s policies and procedures. Faculty and staff must relinquish the card upon separation from the College. Access to facility and service privileges of the College will be deactivated when student, faculty or staff status is terminated.

Student ID Cards Fee

Upon enrolling at Comanche Nation College for the first time, all students should have a student identification card. The first Identification Card is free. Replacement for another card is $10.00. The student may continue to use the same ID card for future semesters; there is no need to have a new one printed each semester.

If you experience any problem using your ID card, please contact the Director of Information Technology at 591-0203 ext, 118 . You should also report a lost/stolen card to this office immediately.

Student Accounts

Student accounts will be set up, as deemed appropriate, for scholarship, student government and student organizations. All money received on behalf of the organization must be submitted to the Business Office in Room 19 at the College.