Sarah Godsave, M.Ed.
Room 30
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The Registrar is responsible for the registration for each term, evaluating student academic progress based on guidelines of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), distribution of College transcript requests and maintenance of academic records of all Comanche Nation College students. This office adheres to the FERPA laws and is extremely confidential in administering all student information.

Term Registration

New and returning students are required to discuss course selection with an academic advisor prior to registration. Registration will not be valid without an advisor’s signature. It is the responsibility of returning students to utilize the pre-registration option offered before the end of each term. Registration forms received after the “Last Day to Add” on the Academic Calendar will not be accepted. Students can pick up forms in the Student Services Office.

Academic Status

The number of credit hours a student is officially registered for each semester determines a student’s enrollment status.

  • Full-time = 12 credits
  • ¾-time = 9-11 credits
  • ½-time = 6-8 credits

Students who wish to register for more than 18 credits must complete a “Request for Credit Overload” form and seek approval from the Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs.

During the summer semester, six credit hours are considered a full time course load. In special cases, a student may register for more than six hours during the summer, upon approval from the
Vice President of Student and Academics Affairs. In all cases, a half-time load is one-half of a normal full-time load.


Steps for Registration:
  1. Fill out an Admissions application, if you are First Time or Transfer Student
  2. Have all required Admissions documents turned in -or-
  3. Provide any phone/address updates if you are a Continuing Student
  4. Seek advisement on courses
  5. Fill out an enrollment form
  6. Register for classes and receive your class schedule

Course or College Withdrawal

Withdrawals must be made through the Registrar’s Office; if this procedure is not followed, the student should expect to receive a grade of an “F” for all courses attempted that term. Students who withdraw are liable for all or a portion of tuition and fees incurred and are strongly encouraged to talk with the Bursar and the Financial Aid Coordinator before withdrawing. Grades of “W” will be recorded for all students who officially withdraw before or on the specified date posted on the Academic Calendar. Students wishing to withdraw after the withdrawal date need to submit appropriate documentation and seek the approval of the Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs.

Administrative Withdrawal

A student may be dropped from a course at an instructor’s discretion if, after a significant period of time, a student has missed 30% of the course material and/or course contact hours. The instructor completes an administrative withdrawal form. The form is submitted first to the Director of Academics for approval who then submits the form to the Registrar.

Complete Withdrawal from College

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from all college classes for the remainder of the semester must meet with the Registrar and Financial Aid. Completing this process helps the student avoid future holds on records by returning materials and clearing up discrepancies before leaving CNC.


Any student requesting a transcript must request it from the Registrar. Any student requesting a transcript needs a complete file (High School Diploma, GED Certificate, Degree of Indian Blood) and must not have any financial or library holds. The first copy is free and any additional copies will cost $5.00. All students must complete a “Transcript Request Form” which must be signed by the student. Transcripts will be withheld if the student has outstanding financial obligations.

Transcript Requests

Request for transcripts should consider deadlines, processing time, and mail delay. Transcript requests by mail are filled within ten (10) business days. Telephone requests are not accepted. Faxed requests accompanied by signature may be faxed to (580) 591-0643. Comanche Nation College will not assume responsibility for transcripts which cannot be processed in a timely manner due to a student’s indebtedness to the College.

Requests for transcripts by the US mail or fax should include the following:

  • Current name and if applicable, the name used at Comanche Nation College
  • Date of Birth
  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Last date of attendance
  • Address and telephone number
  • Signature
  • Full name, address, and contact person (if being sent to a third party, the place where the transcript is to be sent.

Add and Drop Policy

The regulations listed below apply to courses that meet the full semester or summer session.

Students may add/drop during the first week of classes for fall, spring and summer without approval of instructor. Students may drop without additional charges or grading penalties anytime up through the end of the second week of classes in fall, spring or the first week of classes in summer session. No grades will be recorded for dropped courses. If a student discontinues a subject and fails to officially drop a course, a letter grade of “F” will most likely be recorded on the student’s permanent record.

All deadlines are posted in the Academic Calendar.

For courses of shorter duration, the above dates may vary. A course may not be dropped or withdrawn after a grade is assigned.