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Cost of Attendance

The required tuition/fees are established by the Comanche Nation College Board of Trustees. Fees do not include the costs of individual textbooks, or other materials which vary according to the student’s program of study. Students who enroll in programs of study which may require other materials will obtain these items as specified by the department. In some cases they may be purchased through the college. The cost of attendance is subject to change without notice. Incidental and personal expenses (non-academic charges) for items such as clothing and entertainment will vary with the individual student. Tuition and fees include:




Tuition Comanche Nation College Bacone College
Non-Native Students $135.00 Per Credit Hour $ 161.00 (All Students) Per Credit Hour
Native Students $130.00 Per Credit Hour
Audit $  15.00 Per Credit Hour
Elder $  15.00 Per Course


Activity Fee $ 50.00 – 12+ Credit Hours $ 300.00 (All Student Fees)
$ 40.00 – 9-11 Credit Hours
$ 30.00 – 6-8 Credit Hours
$ 20.00 – 1-5 Credit Hours
Technology Fee $ 15.00 Per Credit Hour
Printer Fee $ 10.00
Student Service Building Fee $ 15.00



Additional Fees
Developmental Course Fee $ 20.00 Per Course N/A
Lab Fee $ 10.00 Per Course
Graduation Fee $ 20.00 One Time


Please note:  Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.  For a complete listing and description of fees, please visit CNC’s website.