b3Department of American Indian Studies (AIS)

The American Indian Studies Department seeks to expose Comanche Nation College students to pre-contact history, contemporary issues, culture, philosophy, sovereignty, spirituality, arts, politics, literature, and language with an emphasis on the Comanche.

The Department approaches academia from an American Indian perspective. The goal is for students to gain an understanding of all aspects of Native Studies through a “Comanche centered” education. They will be able to apply this knowledge and these skills to higher education programs after leaving Comanche Nation College.


Program Requirements (9) Credit Hours

AIS 1413 Contemporary American Indian Issues 3
AIS 2413 Indian Law & Sovereignty 3
AIS 2903 Indigenous Perspectives 3


Program Electives (9)

HIST 2483 Comanche History to 1875 3
HIST 2493 Comanche History since 1875 3
NLG 1123 Comanche Language II 3
ENG 2323 American Indian Literature 3
AIS 2533 Herbs, Health, & Wholeness 3
AIS 1443 Tribal Governance 3
AIS 2423 American Indian Political Systems 3
AIS 1433 American Indian Music 3
AIS 2013 Representation & Preservation of Cultural Heritage 3
AIS 2443 American Indian Oral Literature 3
AIS 2473 American Indian Stereotypes in Literature and Film 3
AIS 2513 American Indian Philosophy 3
ART 2413 History of Indigenous Art I 3
ART 2433 History of Indigenous Women’s Art 3
ART 2443 American Indian Film as Art 3
SOC 2113 Sociological Perspectives of Indigenous Education 3